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Traffic Violations

Like many who drive, you may have been stopped by the police and received a traffic ticket at least once in your lifetime.

Many traffic violations may seem minor and, most of the time, fines for traffic tickets can be paid through the mail or on-line without the need for legal representation. You should know that paying the fine means you are pleading quilty to the offense. Once you plead guilty, you may not be able to change your mind at a later date and you will lose the right to go to traffic court.

Some traffic offenses can result in points on your license, which, if accumulated, may result in you losing your driver’s license and paying surcharges. Also, it can lead to increased insurance premiums. So it makes sense to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in the laws regarding traffic violations. It can make the difference between getting a warning and paying fines and having your driver’s license suspended.

The smartest and most cost effective solution to a traffic ticket problem is to hire an experienced attorney that will fight on your behalf.

A Camden County Traffic Violation Lawyer at the Law Office of Thomas J. Gosse Will Provide Knowledgeable Representation

If you need help with traffic offenses, contact a trusted Camden County traffic violation lawyer at the Law Office of Thomas J. Gosse. We will provide excellent counsel and help guide you through the process of New Jersey traffic court.  To schedule a free consultation, call us at 856-546-6600. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form. Our office in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, allows us to advocate for the rights of clients throughout the state, including those in Moorestown, Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, and Collingswood.