Juveniles and Traffic Offenses
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Juveniles and Traffic Offenses

Haddon Heights criminal lawyer assist juveniles involved in traffic offenses.Teenagers are prone to bad decisions, especially when it comes to operating vehicles either before or after a driver’s license is obtained. If your child is in a situation where they are charged with driving without a valid license, reckless driving, speeding, or driving under the influence either with or without a valid license, it could mean criminal charges.

First offenses for driving without a license involve fines. Parents of juveniles under the age of eighteen who incur fines because of a traffic violation will be responsible for paying the juvenile’s fines. Therefore, parents are very much affected if a juvenile is charged with a traffic offense.

Driving Without a License

Juveniles should be aware that although they may be anxious to drive, driving without a valid driver’s license could have an additional waiting period imposed when they attempt to obtain a valid license. In New Jersey, drivers musts wait until the age of 17 to obtain a driver’s license. If a juvenile has a driving offense, he or she may have to wait an extra year or more to obtain a driver’s license.

Second offenses could involve jail time, in addition to fines and other penalties. If the juvenile was under the influence at the time of the violation, fines and penalties can be greatly increased. Additionally, more serious charges are involved if another person was hurt because the juvenile was driving while intoxicated or driving without a license.

Reckless Driving and Minors

If a juvenile is found guilty of reckless driving, this can result in fines and penalties.  Like driving without a valid license, reckless driving can also involve jail time, as it does for adult drivers. Juveniles obtaining their licenses for the first time should understand the seriousness of violations appearing on a driving record and that these violations, when found guilty, can have repercussions that are ongoing. If a juvenile’s license is revoked because of reckless driving, this may greatly impact their life.

All-Terrain Vehicles

Juveniles must abide by the laws associated with all-terrain vehicles. If a juvenile operates an ATV or a snowmobile on public property, they could be charged with driving without a license, reckless driving, or other offenses. The vehicle must have at least three tires and a gas engine of 600 cubic centimeters or less to fit under that law. Therefore, dirt bikes, go carts, and golf carts do not fit into that definition.

A Haddon Heights Criminal Lawyer at the Law Office of Thomas J. Gosse Assist Juveniles Involved in Traffic Offenses

If your child has been charged with a traffic offense, whether they have a valid driver’s license or not, it is important that you have the right attorney to defend you. A Haddon Heights criminal lawyer at the Law Office of Thomas J. Gosse are experienced in traffic violations and can assist your family. With an office in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, we assist clients in Camden County and Burlington County. Contact us at 856-546-6600 or contact us online for a free consultation.